(((GONG BATH?)))

A Gong Bath (or Gong Meditation) is a form of Sound Healing where the Gong and related sound tools are played to promote relaxation, meditative states, self transformation, enhanced creativity, and general well being.

The term 'bath' signifies being bathed in sound waves - there is no water or touching involved. Fully clothed, you are invited to lay comfortably on a yoga mat (or sit on a chair/cushion if you find it more comfortable), wrap yourself in a blanket, close your eyes, relax, and be cocooned in a sonic immersion.

A Gong Bath is the perfect timeless zone to simply be. It provides a space to re-generate, re-nourish, and re-set your whole being - mind, body, emotions, soul, and energy field. Producing a strong sound wave, the vibration of the Gong massages the physical body, stimulates the dermatomes, de-clutters the mind. clears any emotional and energetic debris, and feeds the soul. 

A Gong Bath provides a personal experience that adds a whole new palette of colors, nuances and shades to life. All you have to do is let go and relax.

Hope you feel curious about it and give it a go. 


  • A safe space and an atmospheric/relaxing environment (i.e. candlelight or low light) with high quality Gongs and other sound tools like Singing Bowls, Koshi Wind chimes, Cactus Rainsticks, Croaking Frog Güiro'shakers, Bells, Rattles, Shakers, Chimes, Voice, a Frame Drum, and a Shruti Box,The session may include all, or some of these.

  • Yoga mats positioned around or in front of the Gongs and related sound tools. You choose your space and lay in the most comfortable position for you (laying down on a comfortable mat is usual but not essential, so if you prefer you can sit down. )

  • A short intro about Patricia (the Gong Practitioner), and the Gong Bath session.

  • A guided meditation/visualisation focusing on the breath to allow your whole being to settle in and relax. The more relaxed you are the more beneficial the session is for you.

  • A sonic immersion with the sounds of the Gongs and related sound tools.

  • A period of silence for integration purposes.

  • A collective Om sound to bring the session to a close. You are welcome to join in or to listen.

  • Ongoing support after the session via email or telephone. Questions may emerge after the session and you are welcome to contact Patricia.


  • Stress reduction, or a better ability to cope with stress.

  • Improvement in sleep quality.

  • Enhanced creativity.

  • Sense of contentment.

  • Breaking up of emotional blockages.

  • Understanding solutions to problems.

  • Feeling rejuvenated.

  • Feeling relaxed.

  • Increased focus.

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  • Your own cushion/pillow (or cushions/pillows), and/or your own mat or extra 'padding' so you can can put it over the mat provided for a 'softer' bed.

  • A blanket (or something similar like a sleeping bag for example) to keep warm because the body temperature may shift during the session.

  • A yoga mat.

  • A bottle of water.


(((WHAT TO WEAR)))  

  • Please wear loose and comfortable clothing, and warm socks.



  • Please note that the sessions are only for ADULTS I burn sage and palo santo in the sessions - if you have any allergy to it please let me know before you book

  • I start sharp on time and lock the door before the start. Please arrive on time.


(((PLEASE INFORM ME IF...)))     

  • You are on your first or last trimester of pregnancy.

  • Suffer from a sound sensitive condition.

  • Suffer from fits.

  • Have a pacemaker.

  • Or have any particular need and not sure if the sessions are suitable for you.



  • A refund can be issued if cancelation is made with two weeks notice.

  • If two weeks notice is not possible, a friend can attend the session in your place (please let me know his/her name).

  • Depending on the circumstances, if there is the possibility, I may be able to offer a space on an upcoming gong session.

  • Late admissions are not possible due to the nature of the session. If you arrive late and find the doors closed, I am sorry but I can't issue a refund.

  • Please note that the refund policy for collaborative events and workshops are different from gong bath’s and unique to the event/workshop.