Jamming with the Urban Shamans Movement

"The Urban Shamans Movement has been created in January 2015 in London, UK, based on the Bio-Psychedelia™ vision, with the following aims:

☼ Create Experiences of Fusion, where strong Individualities merge in a Collective Awareness Stream, and send Love back to the Center of the Universe.
☼ Unify all people interested in music, shamanism, meditation, art, yoga and other holistic areas.
☼ Create a networking of all people participating and organizing awareness-based events in London.
☼ Bring the same kind of awareness and energy level on the daily life, even outside of any event context.
☼ Unify and interconnect different kinds of arts, bring Art to a multidimensional level.
☼ Support holistic operators, both individuals and organisations."

For more info please go here and/or here

It was an amazing experience to play the Gong with the group and I would like to thank Alex Akal for the opportunity.