"An experience like nothing else! Gong Bath with SonicSoul took me on a journey way beyond sound, into a deep and beautiful sub-conscious landscape. I floated between lucid awakening and tranquil dreamlike moments, as the gong led me on my journey and gently brought me back into the room at the end of the hour. Patricia is a highly accomplished guide, creating unworldly and beautiful sounds with the gong that must be experienced to be believed. She is extremely intuitive, with each meditation leaving me feeling uniquely refreshed. Thank you, SonicSoul! x" (feedback given by Melanie after a group Gong Session in London, Oct 2015)


(((Welcome to the Gong Space)))

My name is Patricia Carlota and I am a Gong Practitioner facilitating Gong Meditation sessions (knows as Gong Bath sessions) in the UK. 

My practice explores the perception of our inner and outer environments through guided meditation and by being immersed in the vibrational field and sonic universe of gongs and related sound tools (quartz crystal bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, the shruti box, the voice, chimes, bells, shamanic percussion).

My intention is to create a sacred space to expand consciousness, connect to essence, inner truth, heart space and intuition, and step into a peaceful and grounding state of connection and compassion.


SonicSoul represents my practice. It is an expression of my interest in the effects of sound, and commitment to personal development.

For more information on the type of sessions I offer, please click on the images bellow. Upcoming events are listed on the ‘Upcoming Events’ tab.

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Sonic: (((Denoting, relating to, or of the nature of sound or sound waves)))

Soul: (((The spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.\\\ Emotional or intellectual  energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or in an artistic performance)))

SonicSoul: (((The immaterial soundscape that materialises who we are)))