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Rebirthing: Kundalini Yoga and Gong

  • Purple Turtle Wellbeing Barrack Yard Brighton, England, BN1 1WR United Kingdom (map)

This session will be a very special one; to letting go of what we don't need and celebrate life! As it's Maria's birthday we will take the opportunity to really connect to the birth, and allow us all to be reborn. We will do a Rebirthing Kriya, as well as a long gong meditation and in the end celebrate life with an amazing cake! 

About Rebirthing:
"Rebirthing Course by Yogi Bhajan have long been some of the most talked about classes he offered in his 35 years of teaching in the United States and abroad. [....] Heal the pain of the past and overcome obstacles which keep you form living your best life - awakened, rejuvenated and present to your purpose." 

You are so welcome to this afternoon where Maria’s Kundalini Yoga and Patricia’s Gong Meditation merge to create a unique session. Together they explore Kundalini Yoga (including chanting, movements, breathing and meditation) with a one-hour sound healing meditation in the vibrations of multiple high-quality gongs, singing bowls, voice, a shruti box, and various bells, rattles, shakers, and chimes.

Helping us connect with our body, mind and spirit, Kundalini yoga works with Kundalini energy, Prana, our life energy. It helps us dissolve blockages and imbalances, so our prana can flow freely and we can heal physically and emotionally. Kundalini yoga was for a long time a secret practice, but in 1969 Yogi Bhajan began to teach it openly throughout the world, as he knew what a powerful tool Kundalini yoga is for the challenges of our time.

Creating a nurturing and transformational space, a Gong Meditation is a form of Sound Healing. At its heart is the sound and vibration of the gong, which works as a tool to balance the physical body, mind, emotions, energetic body, and spirit. Known as the sound of total resonance, the sound of the gong gives the body a sonic massage helping to: stimulate circulation, activate the parasympathetic nervous system; slow down brainwaves and connect with meditative states and insights; let go of emotional ‘burdens’; clear energetic debris; and expand awareness.

Maria Varanpal is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and a Gong Master who loves to combine the transforming possibilities of a Yoga of awareness with Sound healing. She wants to create a space where we can be conscious right now and through that welcoming life as a gift with the beautiful diversity of emotions, thoughts, and sensations.

Patricia Carlota is a Gong Practitioner who is passionate about sharing the sound of the Gong and related sound tools. Her Sound Healing practice specialises in the use of high quality large gongs, singing bowls, the voice, shruti box, shamanic percussion, chimes and bells. Her intention is to connect to intuition and heart space, exploring perception, and expanding consciousness

Regular: £40 or £35 Early Bird until 16th of September
Concession : £35 or £30 Early Bird until 16th of September
£15-30/Pay what you can afford (limited numbers)

You can book via eventribe or, to avoid eventbrite fees, you can book via email. Please contact Maria ( or Patricia ( Please tell us if it's something you don't eat, so we know for ingredients for the cake. 🙂 

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