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Brighton: Gong and Harp Ceremony

  • St Augustine's Centre for Arts and Wellbeing BN1 6EA Brighton BN1 6EA (map)

Welcome to the Gong and Harp Space. 

Gong and Harp, two of man’s oldest and most transformational instruments, have long been known for their therapeutic and healing abilities.

Combining the vibrational frequencies of both these ancient instruments creates a powerful, synergistic energy and an ethereal journey of meditative sound.

The intention for this two hour sound ceremony is to create a sacred space to connect within, nourish intuition and heart space, explore perception, expand consciousness, follow inner guidance, and celebrate the vibration of life. 

We will be cocooned in sound medicine in a beautiful environment, the Altar Space of St Augustine's Centre for Arts and Wellbeing. 
This unique combination of Gong and Harp will be very special and we hope you can join us. 

To see a photo of the space please go here:

Booking in advance is essential to secure your place. Places are limited. You can book via:

*Or, to avoid eventbrite fees, please book directly with Patricia via email ( or Tracy ( Thank you. 

Energy exchange is:
£20 regular
£17 concession
lf you can't afford the session and would like to attend please email Patricia ( or Tracy (

Session starts t 2.30pm. Please arrive at 15 minutes earlier for registration, and to make yourself comfortable. 
It is recommended to avoid alcohol and eating heavy meals before the session. 
Late comers are not admitted because of the nature of the session. Thank you for understanding. 

You will be laying down for two hours on a yoga mat and the more 'padding' you have underneath you, the more comfortable you will be. And, the more comfortable you are the more beneficial the session will be for you. 

Each guest is provided with a yoga mat, a head rest and an eye pillow for extra comfort, please bring:

-a second yoga mat if you have one.

-at least two blankets. One to cover yourself with to keep warm because the body temperature may shift during the session; and another to put over your yoga mat to also keep warm.

-cushions/pillows for extra comfort. Its good to have something under your knees and a pillow to rest your head. 

-a bottle of water (although there is access to water). You may get thirsty.

(WHAT TO WEAR) Please wear loose and comfortable clothing.  

(PLEASE LET US KNOW IF) you are on your first or last trimester of pregnancy, suffer from a sound sensitive condition, seizures, have a pacemaker, or have any particular need.

About Tracy Jane Sullivan:
Tracy Jane Sullivan is a Brighton based harpist specialising in Health and Wellbeing and works internationally with a variety of yoga teachers and therapists. 
Studying with world-renowned harpists Dr Diana Rowan and Deborah Henson-Conant, Tracy has developed a gift for intuitive improvisation - characterised mainly by Celtic, African and Middle Eastern influences. 

Find out more about Tracy Jane:

About Patricia Carlota
Patricia is a Gong Practitioner passionate about sharing the sound of the Gong and related sound tools. She has trained with Sheila Whittaker, Don Conreaux and Mehatab Brenton, and her Sound Healing practice specialises in the use of high quality large gongs. 
Alongside her Sound Healing practice, Patricia works with the energies of Reiki and the Munay-Ki and is influenced by Shamanism. 
SonicSoul ( expresses her passion and commitment to the Gong space.

Find more about Patricia Carlota: