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Gong bath at Evolve Wellness Centre in London

  • Evolve Wellness Centre 10 Kendrick Mews London, England, SW7 3HG United Kingdom (map)

Balance the body, mind, emotions & energetic field with sonic massage guided by Patricia Carlota.

Creating a nurturing and transformational space, a Gong Bath is a form of Sound Healing. At its heart is the sound and vibration of the gong, which works as a tool to balance the body, mind, emotions, energetic field, and spirit. Known as the sound of total resonance, the sound of the gong gives the whole of our being a sonic massage helping to: stimulate circulation, activate the parasympathetic nervous system; slow down brainwaves and connect with meditative states and insights; let go of emotional burdens; clear energetic debris; expand awareness; connect within; and entrain to harmony.

Participants are invited to lay down on mats, close their eyes, relax, let go, and experience a sonic immersion as they are cocooned in the vibration of multiple gongs, singing bowls, voice, Shruti box, and various bells, rattles, shakers, and chimes.

The session begins with a guided meditation to welcome participants into space, connect with our essence and heart space, let go through the breath, and set intention, as we prepare to journey inwards with the sound of the gong and related therapeutic sound tools.