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Saturday Gong Bath: Expanding the Heart

  • Energy for Life Functional Fitness and Yoga 75 Sussex Street Brighton and Hove BN2 0HL United Kingdom (map)

Welcome to the Gong Space.
Welcome to the Gong Space.

For those who are interested in experiencing sound to support deep relaxation, meditation, healing, expansion of consciousness, personal development, insight, cleansing of our filters, awakening, visioning, and wellbeing. 

A 90 minutes session with gongs and other therapeutic instruments including Himalayan singing bowls, shruti box, voice, bells, shamanic percussion, chimes, bells. 

We will be working with guided meditation before being immersed in the sound of the gongs and related sound tools. The intention for the session is to work with the energy of the heart to open to and connect with the flow of life. 

If you have any questions please contact me (Patricia) on 

Booking in advance is essential to secure your place. You can book via:
*Or, to avoid eventbrite fees, please book directly with me (Patricia) via email ( Thank you.

Energy exchange is:
£15 regular
£10 Concession

Session starts at 17:00. Please arrive at 16:45 for registration, and to make yourself comfortable. It is recommended to avoid alcohol and eating heavy meals before the session. Late comers are not admitted because of the nature of the session. Thank you for understanding. 

Each guest is provided with a yoga mat, a head rest, and an eye pillow, and a blanket but, for extra comfort, please bring:

-a cushion/pillow (or cushions/pillows) for extra comfort. You will be laying down for one hour on a yoga mat and the more 'padding' you have underneath you, the more comfortable you will be. And, the more comfortable you are the more beneficial the session will be for you. 

-a personal blanket for extra comfort (and to keep warm because the body temperature may shift during the session). 

-a bottle of water (although there is access to water). You may get thirsty. 

(WHAT TO WEAR) Please wear loose and comfortable clothing. Changing area available. 

(PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF) you are on your first or last trimester of pregnancy, suffer from a sound sensitive condition, seizures, have a pacemaker, or have any particular need.