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Abuelitas Retreat!

A journey of reunion. A breath, feeling and vibration into finding a new dimension within. To shift from that which does not serve us, reaching a level of natural knowing through the ancestral wisdom of The Grandmothers - As Avós/ Las Abuelas. The volcanic rocks, symphonic gongs, food cleanse, , sacred movement & geometry, crystals & Two Purification Lodges!

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13:00 Group Tuning & Arrival. 

15:00 Prepare the Herbal Bath, Grandfather Fire & Purification Lodge. 

Medicinal Clay on the Body

17:00 Purification Lodge / Temazcal

20:00 Community Dinner

21:00 Gong Bath & Sound Journey - Entering the dreamfield with sacred sounds - Patricia Carlota ( Sonic Soul) & Mila Ribeiro.

22:30 Rest


05:30am Early Silent Sunrise Meditation & Offerings to the Grandmothers. 

06:30 Crystals, Sacred Geometry & Movement - Ana Mondini. 

Start Grandfather Fire.

07:30 Purification Lodge - Mila Ribeiro & Ana Mondini

10:00 Breakfast / Picnic

11:00 Shamanic Drums, Mantras, Dance & Celebration in Nature.

Sharing & Closing Spiral.

Location is at a beautiful community with lots of countryside and easy to get to from London. 


� Mila Ribeiro (Brazil / UK) is one of the main organisers of the Terra Mirim UK movement which hosts retreats and healing circles in England with Shamans Alba Maria & Dhan Ribeiro ans is directly connected to Terra Mirim Shamanic Community & Foundation in Brazil. Mila has been guided by Shaman Alba Maria since the early age of 12 and remained deeply devoted to the Mother Goddess Lineage since then. Mila is currently graduating in Psychotherapy BA and working as a Shamanic Practitioner & Complementary Therapist in the mental health sector. 

� Ana Mondini is a Brazilian dancer, choreographer and director with a strong professional career based in Germany & Portugal. Performer at the Berlin dance company Dorkypark, Ana's practice also includes many years experience with Prana Healing, Arolo Crystals, Sacred Geometry and Shamanism. She follows the Mother Goddess Shamanism guided by XamAM (Alba Maria). In Terra Mirim Brazil, Ana developed Dance & Spirituality based on Shamanic Dances and Nature's Medicines. Ana has a very intuitive presence and ancestral way of guiding us through deeper layers of expression and wisdom.

� Patricia Carlota is a Gong Practitioner passionate about sharing the sound of the Gong and related sound tools with the world. She facilitates Gong/Sound Meditations working with intention, meditation and guided visualisation. She is interested in nourishing intuition and heart space, expanding consciousness, following inner guidance, and feeling each moment to the fullest. Alongside her Sound Healing practice, Patricia works with Reiki and the Munay-Ki. SonicSoul ( expresses Patricia’s passion and commitment to the Gong space.

� Other Special Guests, Musicians & Terra Mirim UK Tribe will also be supporting the retreat. 


£120 Earlybird including camping. 

More Info & Paypal Booking via:

Online Booking: - Mila & Ana Mondini. - Patricia Carlota.