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Yoga Nidra + Gong @ ReCentre Health, London

  • Recentre Health 260 Balham High Rd, London SW17 7AW (map)

Join us for an afternoon of soothing sounds and complete relaxation for the mind and body. The first part of this workshop starts with a yoga nidra session led by Jennifer. Yoga Nidra is often called Yogic Sleep it is a guided meditation that will bring you to the edge of sleep, quietening the mind and slowing down the mental chatter. 

Following a short tea break, the second part of the workshop will commence with a glorious gong bath by Patrizia.

A Gong Bath is a form of Sound Therapy where the Gong and other therapeutic instruments are played to induce relaxation, meditation and general well being.

The term 'Gong Bath' means that you are bathed in sound waves. There is no touching or water involved.

During a Gong Bath, guests lay down on yoga mats, close their eyes and experience a deep listening experience as they are enveloped by the sounds of the Gong, Singing Bowls, Chimes, Bells, Rattles, and Shakers.

Please wear loose comfortable clothes and bring a blanket for extra comfort as the body temperature may shift throughout the session. (There are some blankets available at the studio as well) 

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