Studies have shown that happiness makes people more productive, and that human performance is interconnected with human well-being.* A Gong Bath at the workplace will provide your staff with an environment that can help them to de-stress, relax, focus, improve their relationships, and enhance their wellbeing and creativity. 

A 1 hour Gong Bath is recommended at the end of a day of work to re-charge for the next day. However, a 30 minute session during breaks is also available. 

Please contact me to discuss the right option for you.


*To further research the connection between work and happiness, please refer to the following:

‘Happiness and Productivity’ by Andrew J Oswald, Eugenio Proto and Daniel Sgroi. Paper available here

'Happiness and Productivity - Understanding the happy-productive worker' by Daniel SGROI. Paper available here 

'Proof that Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive' by Emma Sepal and Kim Cameron. Article available here