(((Gong and ...))) is about combining the Gong with other holistic practices to create a combined practice. Current collaborations are:

'Gentle Yoga and Gong Bath' workshop (co-facilitated with Effie Love of About Balance)

On this workshop we practice gentle yoga, getting the body relaxed and ready to receive the amazing healing effect of the gong bath.

Starting at with an hour practice of gentle yoga;  stretch, bend, twist and shout (ok we won’t shout, twist and Om). The yoga session will be followed by an hour deep meditation, letting the healing sounds of the gong and the Tibetan bowls wash over you, feel the vibration in your Chakras, as you fall in to deeper and deeper relaxation.

This session is an initiative of About Balance and SonicSoul and takes place monthly at About Balance in Brighton.

For more information please contact me


'Rebirthing Breathwork with Gong' workshop  (co-facilitated with Purnima of Rebirthing Club of London)

Rebirthing with Gongs.jpg

Rebirthing with Gongs was first developed two years ago by Purnima in a work partnership with Brazilian Sound Therapist Susan Manjula. The benefits and feedback have encouraged us to go ahead and spread the knowledge abroad.

New to the UK, this project is an initiative of Rebirthing Club of London and SonicSoul, and aims to offer a new wave of Conscious Breath therapy and Sound Therapy in group sessions.

Rebirthing/Breathwork Therapy is a defined breath technique, that gently and consciously releases memories/stress, creating space for changes in your life. It reveals our inner wisdom that help us to improve our quality of life.

The Gong is a musical percussion instrument of ancient origins used as a transformational tool in Sound Therapy. Known as the sound of total 

resonance, the gong is played with the intention of bringing people into a state of harmony. Its frequencies and resonance can quieten the mind, relax the physical body and cleanse the energetic field. 

Together, these two terapies, potentialise the benefits of a session. The Rebirthing promotes an expansion and the Gongs helps to dissolve the resistances.

This workshop is facilitated at different venues and locations. Dates for Autumn and Winter to be announced soon.


Kundalini Yoga and Gong  Meditation _ Photo 2.png

Kundalini Yoga and Gong Meditation workshop (co-facilitated with Maria of Conscious Now)

We are so grateful to welcome you to this afternoon where Maria’s Kundalini Yoga and Patricia’s Gong Meditation merge to create a unique session. Together they explore Kundaini Yoga (including chanting, movements, breathing and meditation) with a one-hour sound healing meditation in the vibrations of multiple high-quality gongs, singing bowls, voice, a shruti box, and various bells, rattles, shakers, and chimes.

This workshop takes place monthly at The Float Spa.

For more information please email me (welcome@sonicsoul.uk).



Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Gong.jpg

Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Gong Bath workshop (co-facilitated with Paula Hines of uCanYoga)

Join Paula Hines and Patricia Carlota for an evening of deep relaxation for both body and mind.

Yin Yoga is a deep, meditative practice that activates the parasympathetic nervous system (calming the body's fight/flight response). Physically the focus is on moving deeper into the connective tissues of the body (ligaments, tendons and fascia – the cling-film-like ‘tissue’ which holds our muscles together) in areas such as the hips and spine and typically involves holding poses for three to five minutes. This will prepare the body for a calming Yoga Nidra ('yogic sleep') practice – a guided meditation that will bring you to the edge of sleep, quietening the mind, reducing tension and promoting deep relaxation – ready for a blissful Gong Bath.

A Gong Bath is a form of Sound Healing where the Gong and other related instruments are played to induce wellbeing. The term 'bath' signifies being bathed in sound waves. Participants are invited to lie down comfortably on a yoga mat, close their eyes, relax and be cocooned in a sonic immersion. The practice provides a space to re-generate, re-nourish, and re-set your whole being - mind, body, emotions, soul, and energy field.

Please note – This workshop is not recommended for pregnant students. Please contact the studio if you:

  • suffer from a sound sensitive condition, epilepsy or are undergoing a major treatment.
  • have a pacemaker.
  • have any particular need and not sure if the sessions are suitable for you.

For more information please contact me (welcome@sonicsoul.uk)




A Celebration on the Power of Love & Devotion Workshop and Gong Bath (collaboration with Silvia Pinzaglia)

Silvia and Patricia will collaborate on this 2 hours workshop where you will go through an inspired Mandala Vinyasa flow sequence for cultivating the Bhakti of love. A creative and effective wave sequence that will help you to connect with the element of earth, water, fire and air, and open your heart so that you can feel great, relaxed and full of soul boosting energy. Physically we will create circular wave sequences of yoga poses called mandala that will help us to feel grounded and free of tension so that this healing power can improve your immune system, helping with anxiety, depression and stress-relief.
We will close the workshop with a 30mins of Gong Bath.

About Silvia

Silvia first passion was meditation and like many, she came to yoga as a way to exercise but became amazed straight away by the healing qualities of the practice; physical, mental and spiritual. It was the immediate love for the healing properties of the breath and the spiritual connection that Silvia decided to take the leap and study to become a teacher. Silvia practiced many different styles and methods and has also travelled to Japan where she studied Yoga&Zen Meditation with the Buddhist monks. Silvia teaches very mindful yoga classes and she has customised her own routine including yoga philosophy, chakras, zazen and mindful meditation. Silvia's classes are dynamic, challenging and fun as well as calming. They help to strength while emphasizing on the breath, alignment and precision. Silvia is committed to practice Bhakti Yoga on and off the mat (Yoga of Devotion & Serving). She trained in Bhakti Prana Vinyasa Yoga with internationally renowned yogini Shiva Rea. Silvia is credited with helping her students not only to find strength and flexibility in their body but also in their mind and soul.