"What a special evening. This was my first experience on gong meditation and I can't wait until next time. Patricia is incredibly skilled and a lovely, warm person too."  (feedback given by Sarah after a group Gong Bath in Brighton, Jun 2016
Working with the Gongs at Deep Bliss Day Retreat in Blissland

Working with the Gongs at Deep Bliss Day Retreat in Blissland


My name is Patricia Carlota and I am a Gong Practitioner with a background in the arts sector. Alongside my Gong Practice, `I have been awarded a Master in Arts, and my professional explorations include co-founding a theatre company, co-organising participatory arts projects in the field of mental health and wellbeing, assisting in the production of art technology workshops, and working as a Stilt Walker, Stage Manager and Sound Recordist.

I have always been drawn to Holistic Practices, and interested in vibration, energy fields, expanding consciousness,  exploring perception and intuition, journeying and personal development. As a result, alongside my gong practice, I explore a variety of holistic practices that enhance my perception and experience of this world. I practice Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Visualisation since 2010. During the same year I learnt about Educational Kinesiology by taking a Foundation Course in Brain Gym. Most recently, I have been drawn to the world of Energy and Shamanic Healing. I am Reiki attuned and a carrier of the Munay-Ki rites.

Training with Sheila Whittaker at The College of Sound `Healing, Devon, UK.

My journey with sound started as long as I can remember. I have always been fascinated with rhythm, exquisite and mundane sounds, and life’s soundscape. However, in 2012 sound became a priority, and I began to research sound as a concept. I started studying how sound is generated, and understood that sound is a vibration, that it affects us at cellular level, and that we are surrounded by and are vibration. This realisation expanded my perception and, as a result, I became interested in how we 'sound', and in discovering tools and methods that can helps us vibrate at our optimum level. Throughout my research, I was introduced to the Gong and since then I attended the Gong Practitioner Course at the College of Sound Healing in Devon, training with Sheila Whittaker. I have also trained with Don Conreaux, Tone of Life, and Mehtab Benton.

My Gong and Sound Meditations explore the perception of our inner and outer environments through observation, breathing, listening, feeling and sensing before being immersed in the vibrational field and sonic universe of the Gongs and related sound tools. My aim is to create a sacred space where participants explore the sonic landscape of vibration, connect with essence, heart space and intuition, expand consciousness, and entrain to harmony.

I currently work with a 38-inch Paiste Symphonic Gong, a 32-inch Paiste Mercury Gong, a 36-inch Meinl Wu Xing, 22-inch Tone Of Life Dance Gong, multiple Singing Bowls, a Frame Drum, a Shruti Box, the voice, Koshi Wind chimes, Cactus Rainsticks, Croaking Frog Güiro'shakers, and various Bells, Rattles, Shakers, and Chimes.     

My Gong Practitioner insurance is covered by Holistic Services, and I am a member of CMA - The Complimentary Medical Association and The College of Sound Healing.      


2014-2015 Gong Practitioner Course with Sheila Whittaker at the College of Sound Healing

Working with the Gongs at a Terra Mirim Event 

Working with the Gongs at a Terra Mirim Event 

2015 Gong Master Workshop with Don Conreaux and Tone of Life

2015 Chakra Frequencies and The Divine Name Workshop with Jonathan Goldman

2016 Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 with Sarah Gregg

2017 Munay Ki Rites with Kristina Evans

2017 Total Yoga Nidra Foundation 

2017 Gong Therapy with Mehatab Brenton

2017 Gong Yoga with Mehatab Brenton

2018 Gong Master Training with Don Conreaux and Aidan McIntyre



2011 BA Performing Arts

2013 MA Arts